Nothing is actually for sale here.  This is a sample web site constructed using the FreeForm Advanced Builder at with hosting for the images and pages.  These pages are available for loading into the Advanced Builder from ''The Library'' link.  The white background text boxes formatted like this one are included as comments and instructions.

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The above menu to other pages in the site was constructed in FreeForm by use of a Gallery Input Area (Thumbnail Type), set to display 4 across with each link having its own input area.

Welcome to SellsHereToo!  It is our hope that you will find this site a pleasant shopping experience.  If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to write.

Thank You!   Myname

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FreeForm provides for View Shopping Cart, Add to Cart, Buy Now buttons etc. via use of Code Input Areas or Gallery Input Areas (button code sections).  Those sections in FreeForm are designed to accommodate the HTML that PayPal (or other third party services) provide to present those buttons.  The text with the button to the right above was created in FreeForm by use of a Gallery Input Area (Thumbnail type) set to 2 across with the text in the first input area and the button code in the second.  The button is non-functional because this is a sample site.

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Boyd's Bears
Boyd's Bears figurines, Purrstone Collection figurines, we've got 'em all!
Another category link and description
Another category link and description, etc...

This sample selling web site links to categories in the home page.  Each category page, in turn, links to individual selling pages for the items in that category.  Depending on how many different items you intend to sell from your site you may instead link to individual items directly from the home page -or- create a separate category page devoted entirely to listing the categories (instead of including them in the home page).  The above listing was constructed in FreeForm via use of a Gallery Input Area (List Type).

Notice that I've included the little line ''Click the pictures to visit each category page''.  No matter how obvious it may seem to you, its best to do some hand holding for your visitors to guide them through your site.  I did some additional hand holding up next to the PayPal View Cart button by informing that it opens a new window. I even used the term ''pop-up'' as a strong hint that if nothing happens when they click on the button they probably have a pop-up blocker that is set on a very strict setting and preventing the new window from opening.

Because the home page for a site is the one most often linked to, it is important that the page include textual information about the site.  Search engines on the Internet use that information to help determine the relevancy of the site when presenting search results. Include as much text as you can to describe the types of items you sell, their name brands, etc. Use words that people would include when they are performing a search for the items you sell.

The home page as well as the other pages of your site are not for show only.  If you think of the items you sell as topics for discussion and include textual content with that in mind your site will get more visitors through search engines.

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There is nothing actually for sale at this site.  This is a sample construction of a web site using FreeForm at with hosting for the images and pages.

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